Who we are

Osama Yasseen Alsharif


Seasoned HR and management leader in various national, regional, and international organizations. With particular emphasis in Organizational development, design and restructuring. Furthermore HR planning, training, policies and procedures, HR start up operations, performance management, reward management and HR management systems.
Mr. AlSharif’s experience includes organization restructuring, design and implement organization structure also manpower planning, designing, developing and implementing training strategies and development plans; managing the implementation of HRMS; implementation of salary surveys, job descriptions, grades and salary structures; formulating, reviewing & updating HR policies and procedures; supervising the implementation of job evaluations (Hay Methodology) as well as reward and recognition programs.
Mr. AlSharif has completed an extensive list of training courses including: Competency Based HR Management System, Pay System and Reward Management, Human Resources Strategic Seminar, Competency Framework, Training Methods & Skills, Manpower Planning & development.
Mr. AlSharif has an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) American University of Sharjah, and a B.Sc. Business Administration (management) from Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green. Kentucky/U.S.A.

Industry Experience:

  • - Banking and Finance.
  • - Education.
  • - Health.
  • - Engineering, Contracting and Industrial.
  • - Trading & FMCG.
  • - Public Sector including UN organization and NGO.

Selected Relevant Experience

  • - HR Strategy.
  • - Workforce Management.
  • - Talent Management.
  • - HR start up operations. Started five HR departments from ground zero to fully operational department.
  • - Preparation of HR policy & procedures manual. Prepared nine HR policy and procedures manuals.
  • - Competency based TNA. Introduced and implemented competency based training needs assessment.
  • - Competency based interviewing. Trained and implemented the competency based interview coupled with role play for various managerial roles.
  • - Balanced Score Card.
  • - Employee satisfaction survey.
  • - Performance Management.
  • - Reward Management.
  • - Assessment Centre.
  • - Change Management Program.